Solutions for Today's Community Financial Institutions

Community Banking Technology, Inc.

NCR Interactive Teller Solutions

Whether rural, small town, suburban, or urban areas...convenience banking with a LIVE TELLER helping consumers complete transactions and a LIVE TELLER able to cross sell banking products. This collaborative approach builds customer intimacy and marries assisted-service with self-service in a high touch personal interaction. This is an ideal approach for community financial institutions to leverage technology without losing the "personal touch." And, with ATM-On mode available with select Networks, the consumer can CHOOSE a Teller-Assisted transaction or an ATM Card transaction.

Migrate routine transactions from the teller line to help lower processing costs, improve transaction processing speeds, and improve product sales & revenue growth. Interactive Teller Solutions from NCR can do this and more.

Combining a strategic mix of personal, assisted-service, and self-service channels helps enhance the customer experience, reduce costs, and grow new revenue streams.

Transform your branch with Community Banking Technology and NCR solutions.

Community Banking Technology can help you explore approaches for every market.
  • Re-imagine branch footprints (micro-branch, mini-branch, traditional)
  • Enter new markets
  • Increase density in existing markets at lower cost
  • Extend operating hours more cost effectively Focus branches on sales and consumer service instead of routine transactions

NCR Interactive Banker


Branch staff are free from their desk allowing them to assist consumers using real data about who is in the branch and the transactions in process; more precisely target transaction assistance and sharpen the sales focus.