Solutions for Today's Community Financial Institutions

Community Banking Technology, Inc.

Community Banking Technology talks to community institutions every week. Let us consult with you about trends and the state of the industry as you look at connecting the dots for a more consistent, transformative, and profitable engagement with your customers across multiple in-person, self-service, or assisted service channels.

With 59 billion transactions taking place every year, the ATM channel is the perfect way to communicate marketing needs with your customers within their chosen channel. Whether you want to do broad based advertising or run targeted marketing campaigns on your self-service channel, NCR software solutions can help.


Deliver personalized, relevant messages and marketing across multiple channels.

  • Create customer interactions and relationships that add to your bottom line
  • NCR can help harness your customer and member data and provide you the tools you need to effectively communicate with them in a personalized, relevant manner.

When a consumer inserts an ATM card, logs onto an online banking portal, or contacts your call center, you can present a set of offers specifically tailored to them based on their consumer profile, including prior transaction history.

With NCR, you’ll provide a better customer experience and generate significantly higher response rates because your customers will receive marketing messages at a time and place where they are highly engaged.

APTRA Promote

Banking software that delivers coordinated, high-impact marketing and advertising campaigns to segmented customer groups.  Learn more about NCR APTRA Promote.

APTRA Relate

Banking software that harnesses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) power and delivers personalized messages to customers.  Learn more about APTRA Relate.

APTRA ATM eReceipts

Send electronic receipts off the ATM using NCR's APTRA ATM eReceipt solution.  Learn more about APTRA ATM eReceipts.

APTRA Preferences Gateway

Banking software that connects customers through ATM or kiosk channels and deepens customer relationships and loyalty. Learn more about APTRA Preferences Gateway.