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Enhance branch security, utilize branch cash more efficiently, increase teller productivity, and reduce expenses with our smartVaultTeller™ solutions.

AutomatedVaultTeller™ features the CIMA Teller Cash Recycler. Our offerings can be installed as a dedicated vault teller or shared between every two tellers as their "cash drawer", as well as in locations where you wish to reduce the number or size of traditional vaults or storage like mini-branches or in-store branches. Supports "open concept" branch designs, too. Available in both deskside or standup configurations.

Teller Staffing and Performance Management. 
StaffPro® is a browser-based solution designed to increase teller productivity, enhance branch operations and administrative management, improve the quality of teller work, and provide greater access to information throughout the organization. Optimizing teller staffing levels using your institution's data and your customer service philosophy will offer cost savings, improve customer service and increase manager & teller satisfaction and cooperation while providing branch operations management and senior management with comprehensive reporting and other tools for staffing and teller performance management.